*** Romancoke Friday Night Dinner ***
(Usually happens the 3rd Friday of the Month)

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No Dinner in June
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Rebuild the Romancoke On the Bay Pier- Click this link to donate.

Hello, My name is Kirk Weiskopf, and I am on the Board of Directors for the Romancoke on the Bay improvement association. I am heading up the fundraising effort to rebuild the community pier to its original condition so the community can use it again.
We are setting an $80000 goal. We are currently soliciting bids for the cost of rebuild and will adjust the fundraising goal accordingly.
If you have a good reference for Marine construction or you are a resident of Romancoke on the Bay and are in the Marine Construction trade, please feel free to reach out to us through the account listed on this page.

ROB needs your support for Rebuild the Romancoke On the Bay Pier



Romancoke on the Bay is located in Stevensville, Maryland on beautiful Kent Island, just east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

We have a fantastic clubhouse that hosts “Friday Night Grills”, holiday parties, and is available for rental.

There is a playground, pier and beach adjacent to the clubhouse.

Just down the street from the community grounds is the Romancoke Public Pier, as well as the Kent Island South Bike Trail.

Our community is quiet, friendly and fun.

Check out our monthly calendar of events and join in!